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Picture of Biomass 12 Metre Wood Pellet Conveyor

Biomass 12 Metre Wood Pellet Conveyor

Rotaflex R90BP supply auger, 12 metres long to a Biomass boiler with inbuilt burn back protection.
Speed Control Panel with single phase power supply allows a throughput between 110kg/hr and 550 kg/hr (at 10Hz/50Hz min/max recommended settings), based on a material density of 650kg/m³.

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System Comprises of:

Single Intake unit with cut off slide
12 metres of 75mm high carbon steel spiral
2 x 90mm Corevex 45° bend
4 x 90mm 3 metre Corevex straight
Puller drive unit with standard 3 phase 0.25kw motor, 8:1 gearbox
Chain support and selection of corresponding brackets
Fully Automatic Controls

Parts supplied only for installation by others.

Part No. Description kg(s) Units Web Price Quantity
BIO-12CON Biomass Wood Pellet Conveyor - 12 metres 108.02 Each