Picture of R90 Conveyor Bends & Tubes

R90 Conveyor Bends & Tubes

Corevex™ uPVC Bends and Tubes are the most commonly specified bends and tubing for Rotaflex systems, though Stainless Steel and Galvanised Steel Bends and Tubes are available as an option.

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Corevex™ uPVC Bends and Tubes have a number of benefits :- 

  • Low initial cost option.
  • Hygienic.
  • Good wear properties on standard service factor installations.
  • Low noise emissions on empty sections of a system – Ideal for systems with multiple outlets.
  • Low friction properties – Minimises power losses through internal friction.
  • Easy installation – All tubes and bends socketed for quick assembly.
  • Light weight.
  • White tubes have good aesthetics for most installations.
  • UV protection – Corevex™ uPVC tubes have a high level of protection against ultra violet light (sunlight)  which can embrittle unprotected tubing on any outside section of a system.  

Stainless/Galvanised Steel Bends and Tubes, while not widely used, do still have benefits for some installations:- 

  • Longevity – Steel tubes and bends have better wear properties on high service factor installations than uPVC.
  • Rigidity – Easier to support on systems with long external sections and noise emissions are low because the conveyor is operating full at that point.
  • Ideal for short systems with only one final outlet that have a high service factor requirement. 
  • Long term cost advantage – Longer lasting bends and lower bracketing costs in some instances can offset the slightly higher initial cost.
Part No. Description kg(s) Units Web Price Quantity
BR1-FDUAL R90 - Corevex Conveyor Bend - 45° - White - Socketed 1.90 Each
MQ1-W0903 R90 - Corevex Conveyor Tube - White Socketed - 90/83x3m 4.40 Each
MQ2-S0903 R90 - PG Galvanised Steel - Conveyor Tube - 90/87 x 3m 10.14 Each