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Picture of Electrical Sensors

Electrical Sensors

Suitable  for all Rotaflex and Daltec systems.


This electronic sensor is housed in a cylindrical body 32mm diameter x 130mm long; one end of the sensor is sensitive to the presence of material; the cable, adjustment screw and LED status indicators are at the opposite end. This sensor also has an integrated electronic timer with a time delay which can be adjusted between zero and ten minutes.

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  • Semi-automatic control systems – function: final high level sensor with zero time delay setting; normally closed mode.
  • Automatic systems – function: final high level sensor with delay set to suit application; recommended re-start delay between 2 minutes minimum and 10 minutes maximum; normally closed mode.
  • Final and intermediate transfer units – function: material present sensor; recommended 1 minute delay; normally open mode.
  • Silo empty level monitoring – function: material present sensor; recommended 10 minute delay; normally open mode.

Proximity sensors are delivered from the factory with a five second delay as standard; this can be readily adjusted to the approximate time delay setting using a small screwdriver supplied with each sensor. NB Whenever the power is switched on either at commissioning or after a power cut, there will be a delay before the system will start; the length of this delay will correspond to the delay previously set on the sensor.



  • Changeover relay rated at 2 Amps at 250v AC.
  • Selectable change over contacts; normally closed or normally open mode.
  • Time delay adjustable from 0-10 mins.
  • Operating voltage 230v AC.
  • 5 wire connection (Rotaflex applications only use 4 wires – Daltec applications require all 5 wires).
  • Range 15mm - sensitivity adjustable (adjustment screwdriver included).
  • Red LED status indicator.

The Sensor does not have a standard mounting bracket supplied; however there are two methods of mounting the sensor:-

The Universal mounting bracket this allows the sensor to be readily sited on either a drop tube or receiving hopper.

  • Suitable for indoor applications only.
  • Mounting bracket bolts to flat sided hoppers or secured to drop tubes with two ty-wraps (Provided).
  • Accepts sensors with either 32mm or 34mm smooth bodies.
    A circular hole to suit the sensor should be made in the tube or hopper and the sensor set to protrude at least 15mm inside the tube or hopper.

Universal weatherproof sensor mounting gland.

  • Requires 48mm mounting hole.
  • Accepts sensors with either 32mm or 34mm smooth bodies.




Part No. Description kg(s) Units Web Price Quantity
E1P-57107 Sensor - Capacitive - N/C - 5 Core - 230v ac - 0/10min Timer 0.32 Each
E1P-9HENC Sensor - Capacitive - Holder c/w Connection Enclosure 0.20 Each
E28-8XXLX Sensor - Gland - 32/34mm - White 0.08 Each