Picture of R55 Control Panels - Networked Conveyors

R55 Control Panels - Networked Conveyors

These panels are for conveyor systems which operate in any type of networked system; the panel has two modes; semi-automatic and automatic. The type of panel required is always specified by the total number of motor gear units which are in the system. These panels are for two drives.

Networked systems use E1P-57107 proximity sensors exclusively; the time settings being dependant upon where they are used in the system and which mode the control panel is being configured in. See notes in the section on proximity sensors for further background.


The panel has an integrated electronic timer E1T-D7XX5 as standard; this is only operative if the panel is configured in automatic mode; the unit is delivered in semi-automatic mode; re-configuration of the unit into automatic mode is via a link on the internal connection strip.


A networked system is always controlled by the final sensor at the end of the last secondary leg of the system, if the system has branches these will each have their own stop sensor.


Networks are constructed using final transfer units to connect conveyors in series, and with intermediate transfer units when branch conveyors are required; each panel has a dedicated connection bus clearly marked for each sensor position; links are provided to bypass unused sensor positions. The section on transfer unit sensors explains how these should be used.


Semi automatic mode


The conveyor requires a manual start initiating by the operator; the system is stopped automatically when material covers the final sensor; the conveyor will not re-start until the unit is re-started manually. The conveyor will not be able to start unless the final sensor is clear.


Automatic mode


When configured to operate in automatic mode only; the integrated electronic timer E1T-D7XX5 is connected into the circuit; this has seven user selectable time ranges, three of which are appropriate for this application; 6-60 minutes,  1-10 hours and 10-100 hours, these can then be adjusted to provide a re-start time delay within the selected range.


General specification: 

  • Suits 0.37Kw, 0.75Kw, 1.1Kw & 2.2Kw single or three phase motors.
  • 230v AC operating coil – Requires Neutral supply.
  • A manual start button and latching stop button are situated on the front panel; the latching stop button can also be used to inhibit the automatic sequence if that mode is selected. Kit includes a blanking plug to replace the start button if the panel is to be configured in automatic mode.
  • Enclosure IP65 rated


Part No. Description kg(s) Units Web Price Quantity
E5R-2NCB1 Control Panel - 2 Networked Conveyors - 0.37kw - 1 Ph 2.90 Each
E5R-2NCB3 Control Panel - 2 Networked Conveyors - 0.37kw - 3 Ph 2.90 Each